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Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 37: Summer 2021

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Swooping into summer with knit and crochet patterns that will make your soul soar! For Issue 37, the talented designers take their inspiration from the alluring textures and glorious colors of birds. Their imaginative interpretations of the theme are thoughtful and span every aspect of these animals: from the shape of their footprints in the snow to their sky formations. Within the pages of the summer 2021 collection, you can expect nine patterns that are as elegant and dynamic as the airborne creatures they reference.

Featuring designs by: Allison Lutes, Carlie Olfert, Chloe Elizabeth Birch, Kjerstin Rovetta, Ksenia Naidyon, Sandra Gutierrez, Sari Nordlund, & Valerie Rachel

In addition to 9 knit and crochet patterns, a recipe, an article, and a tutorial are nested into the pages of PPQ37! Fiona Churchman's recipe for Feather Bread (a pandan coconut milk loaf) is inspired by the treats she used to buy from London's Chinatown bakeries before lockdown. Be sure to read Solène Le Roux's insightful musings on how birds and humans can adapt to their surroundings. And Nuria Casadella-Puigvert of GANXXET walks you through how to make colorful chains for your sunglasses and face masks for when you're out and about this summer! Included in your digital download of PPQ37 is a bonus tutorial from Nuria which shows you how to make a chain for your binoculars or camera - perfect for spotting birds and snapping a photo of them.

Printed in the UK on lovely heavy paper. Softcover. Digital download code included.

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