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Crochet Creatures of Myth and Legend

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19 Designs Easy Cute Critters to Legendary Beasts. Gargoyles, Griffins, and Hippogriffs, oh my! Grab your hook and a few colorful skeins of worsted weight yarn, and start crocheting your own creatures of myth and legend.

Crochet Creatures of Myth and Legend includes 13 cute critter patterns—a pegasus, phoenix, wyvern, jackalope, and more—and 6 standard-size mythological beasts in all their glory—a dragon, Kraken, feathered serpent, owl griffin, phoenix, and unicorn! Megan’s imagination is always at play, and many of her patterns include various options for wing styles, feathers, and more. The dragon pattern is a masterpiece of options, with multiple variations for ears, back scales, tail, face plates, and more.

Megan Lapp, author
19 Designs: 13 (easy) Cute Critters, 6 Legendary Beasts
246 pages / Paperback

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