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Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

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Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate is carefully crafted using the finest cacao and traditional European techniques. Handcrafted in Eureka, California. Two ounce (57 gram) bar.

Bee Pollen & Fennel (70% Brazil Dark Chocolate)
: Cacao*, Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter* Bee Pollen, Fennel*. Contains Pollen
Black Fig (72% Dark Chocolate): Cacao*, Cane Sugar*, black mission figs*
Brown Butter with Nibs & Sea Salt (73% Dark Chocolate): Cacao*, Cane Sugar*, Butter*, Fleur de sel
Ginger Snap (55% milk chocolate): Chocolate (cacao*, cane sugar*, a2/a2 whole milk powder*, cocoa butter*, vanilla bean*), Ginger Snap Cookies (unbleached enriched all-purpose flour, butter (pasteurized sweet cream butter), molasses, brown sugar, sugar, eggs, ginger, cinnamon, baking soda, salt, nutmeg, allspice, white pepper, cayenne). Contains milk & wheat
Orange Bourbon Pecan (65% Belize Dark Chocolate): Chocolate (cacao*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*), pecans*, maple syrup*, bourbon, orange essential oil. Contains pecans
Vanilla Milk Chocolate (55% milk chocolate): Cacao*, Cane Sugar*, a2/a2 whole milk powder*, cocoa butter*, Vanilla Bean*. Contains milk

All chocolate is processed in a facility that also uses milk, tree nuts, wheat, & peanuts. Store in a cool, dry place. Click here for more information & nutrition facts.