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Pom Pom Publishing

Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 39: Winter 2021

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The knit and crochet designs in Issue 39 are inspired by rhythm! Pom Pom Quarterly's Winter 2021 collection is packed with patterns that honor echoes, explore semitonal shifts in color, and include repeating motifs to allow you to get into a stitching groove. The talented designers have taken the auditory theme and created patterns that highlight the aspects of rhythm we see, such as written musical scores and the visual representation of soundwaves. No matter at what tempo you craft, there’s a winter project for you here!

Featuring designs by: Judith Brand, Astrid Colding Sivertsen, Adella Dutra, Ana D, Tetyana Vyazovska, Johanna Kunin, Nidhi Kansal, Keiko Kikuno, Cleo Malone, Valerie Ng

Artist, maker, and stylist Lydia Morrow was the creative director for this issue’s photoshoot! The Pom Pom team has long admired Lydia’s jazzy sense of style, so they were honored to publish her vision in their pages. After you’ve found your crafting cadence, enjoy the two articles in Issue 39: in "Rhythms of Handiwork", Felicity (Felix) Ford explores the communal and historical relationship between craft and rhythm, while Claudia Khan writes touchingly about the delicate melody of parenthood, partnership, and time in her article, "A Family Song". Kiyomi and Sachiko Burgin are the authors of this issue’s handmade lip balm tutorial, so you can combat chapped lips brought on by cold weather and even have some non-knitted handmade gifts ready for the festive season.

Printed in the UK on lovely heavy paper. Softcover. Digital download code included.

images ©Pom Pom Publishing