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CarryT Interchangeable Bamboo Tunisian Hook Set

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Set Contains
Hook Sizes: E-4 (3.50mm), G-6 (4.00mm), 7 (4.50mm), H-8 (5.00mm), I-9 (5.50mm), J-10 (6.00mm), K-10½ (6.50mm), K10¾ (7.00mm), L-11 (8.00mm), M-13 (9.00mm)
3 Cables: 24", 32", 40"
1 Adapter
2 Cable Stoppers
2 Tapestry Needles
1 Gauge Ruler with a Built-In Yarn Cutter
Gold Zip Case

Hook: Bamboo, Nickel-plated Steel; Cable: Nylon, Nickel-plated Steel, Rubber; Adapter: Aluminum; Stopper: Aluminum; Tapestry Needle: Nickel-plated Steel; Gauge: Plastic, Stainless Steel; Case: Polyurethane, Polyester