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Because, you deserve it.

Inclusion / Values Statement

We want you to feel welcome in this space. That goes for our digital spaces and our physical shop space. HoALM was founded on the idea that when we come together, we do great things. Regardless of your skin color, size, ability, gender expression, or sexual orientation, we want you to feel welcome to sit with us. In an effort to create a space that is welcoming for all we've been intentional to:

  • Collaborate with designers, vendors, and artists who are vocal in their stance against anti-blackness, and purposefully source items from BIPOC owned businesses.
  • Carry products at a range of price points to make our shop accessible.
  • Have samples made from a range of designers, in different brands of yarn, and in garment sizes that are size US 12+
  • Source local wherever we can.
  • Pay our employees and collaborating artists a living wage and monetarily compensate all of our sample contributors.
  • Be thoughtful about signage in our store, and language in our digital spaces to represent a wide range of lived experiences; and during the ongoing public health crisis provide private shopping hours by appointment for folks who need them.
  • Manage our digital spaces and eradicate hate speech; monitor our physical space to provide a welcoming environment -- hatred or intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated and violators will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Develop an Inclusion Board made up of folks from different backgrounds and perspectives to hold us accountable, and show us where our own perspectives are limited.
  • Be teachable — we can't go it alone, and frankly we don't want to. We recognize that removing racism and anti-black sentiments from our society is an ongoing mission, and is not a destination. We commit to educating ourselves about racism. We know that what works today, might not work tomorrow as we continue to learn and make changes to be better. If you see an area where we can grow and would like to dialogue with us, we commit to hearing that feedback and assessing how we can implement it. We want to partner with you to make this space better for all of us, and we would like to hear your solutions if and when we miss the mark. If you have comments or would like to see something different from us please email.

This space is for you, and we hope that you'll feel welcome to come and sit with us.