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Knitting in Plain English

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The first edition of this indispensable classic gave knitters easy-to-follow (and fun-to-read) advice on producing the knits of their dreams. Drawing on decades of experience as a knitting instructor and designer, offered step-by-step directions on avoiding common mistakes and getting out of tricky spots.

Now, in this completely updated and revised version, Maggie Righetti gives readers what they've asked for: advice on making all different garments, working with new patterns and different kinds of yarn, and even an introduction to her own legendary history. Neither aggressively hip nor bafflingly encyclopedic, Knitting in Plain English offers basic principles that will make any project—from a basic blanket to an intricate sweater—rewarding. 

Having this book on the shelf is like having the gift of your own knitting teacher available to help at all times with any thorny problem!

Maggie Righetti, author
304 pages

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